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An Elite CANINE Security Firm

Providing canine resources in routine and urgent
situations to mitigate threats to the public

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Spec-Ops K9 Security is dedicated to providing a unique and necessary service widely needed and often utilized by law enforcement, private security firms, and society as a whole to keep the public safe from threats we face in today’s world. 

All of our dogs are certified for specific jobs unique to their abilities and characteristics. Some of their special abilities are as follows: Arson, Explosives Detection, Munitions, and Search & Rescue, just to name a few. In addition to being certified by the state, our handlers have either Military or Law enforcement backgrounds.

Explosive Detection

In today’s world, there is a growing threat of international terrorism, domestic terrorism, and lone wolf attacks. In order to deny the enemy their capability and to keep our clients safe, Spec-Ops K9 Security provides explosive detector dogs in a wide array of functions. We have deep ties to law enforcement, military, and the special forces community.


As a result, we are able to provide the best explosive canine teams available. We are able to successfully recruit prior Military Working Dog Handlers, prior law enforcement canine handlers, and prior government contract canine handlers. Our canine handlers have a wealth of experience providing security for the former Presidents of the United States, state officials, foreign heads of state, various VIP’s and various celebrities, the general public, and critical infrastructure.


Our explosive detection dogs are hand selected for specific drives and attributes. They are trained on a variety of odors, to include: military grade explosives, home-made explosives, person borne improvised explosive devices, ammunitions and weapon caches. Our explosive canine teams can be employed at theaters, stages, sports stadiums, oil rigs, maritime vessels, airports, city parades, and convention centers.


Narcotic Detection

In order to provide a safe and healthy workplace, Spec-Ops K9 Security provides narcotic detection services. Narcotic detection dogs have been increasingly utilized at local school districts and through various private employers. Ensuring a safe workplace is a high priority for responsible employers. Employing routine narcotic detection services can mitigate work place hazards and workplace accidents.


The use of narcotic detection canines at local schools provides a safe, effective, and non-discriminatory way of ensuring the prevention and use of illicit drugs and paraphernalia on school property. Our canine teams are trained to detect marijuana, heroin, methamphetamines, MDMA, and cocaine. 


 Contraband Collection teams

Providing a unique but necessary tool for a company whose number one priority is work place safety. Contraband Compliance Teams (CCT’s) are designed to evaluate existing security measures and enhance work place safety. CCT’s will conduct randomized inspections of personnel, company common areas, and berthing quarters.


CCT’s consist of one field supervisor, one narcotics detection dog with handler, and four inspection personnel. The teams are led by former law enforcement personnel, with an extensive background in contraband inspection and seizures. The full CCT can support anytime and anywhere, with appropriate transportation.


All administrative documentation is provided, to include: narcotics detection field kits, evidence custody reports, evidence custody bags, field notes, and more. If contraband and prohibited items are discovered and seized, CCT’s will assist in cooperation between the company and law enforcement. Upon request, urinalysis testing is provided. Urinalysis testing is meant to enhance work place safety by ensuring existing security protocols are in place and are effective. Samples taken are sent to a third party for testing; results are reflected in the After-Action Report (AAR).


CCT’s do not have arrest authority, but instead serve as a liaison between the company and if necessary, law enforcement. CCT’s are designed as a probing measure, ensuring company personnel remain in compliance with company policy. Spec-Ops K9 CCT’s have been utilized in identifying gaps in existing security measures and screenings, thus are not meant to replace security measures, but to enhance and enforce company policy where baseline security has fallen short. The ultimate goal of CCT’s is to provide the client company with a healthier and safer work place environment through deterrence and mitigation.

Visual Deterrence

Spec-Ops K9 Security prides itself in being able to assist our clients on enhancing their security capabilities. Our subject matter experts have been able to work with our clients and provide canine services specific to their mission and requirements. By providing services centered around deterrence, detection, and denial of enemy capabilities, we are able to keep our clients secure and strengthen their security capabilities. Deterrence is the first step in distinguishing soft targets versus hard targets. Soft targets are the most susceptible and easiest targets for crime and violence. Our goal is to make our clientele and their personnel, as hard of a target as possible. We can accomplish this by providing overt canine teams, whose function is to be seen.


With the distinct purpose of being seen by the public and our clients, we supply professional canine teams for routine and random patrols in the following areas: public/private venues, company property, and in areas with high crime and homeless encampments.     

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